NOCO Football League

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Tri City Elite
Frederick Warriors
NOCO Buffs
Timnath Cubs
Loveland Warriors
Highland Huskies
Brighton Bulldogs
Eaton Reds
Estes Park Bobcats
Loveland Cobras
Ft Collins Outlaws
Westminster Wolverines
Ft Morgan Mustangs
Walt Clark Cougars
Valley Vikings
Ft Collins Hurricanes
Erie Elite
Johnstown Milliken
Berthoud Spartans
Riverview Raptors
Ft Collins Broncos
Team Alpha
Kersey Cougars
Lafayette Bobcats
Mead Mavericks
NOCO Grizzlies
Ft Lupton Blue Devils
Windsor Wizards
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Superior Rough Riders
Conrad Ball Thunderbirds
Bill Reed Wolfpack
High Plains Bison
University Bulldogs
Monarch Coyotes
Longmont Trojans


Rookie Tackle
K-2nd Grade

New Program! Gathering interest for fall - Contact us!

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7/8th Grade Varsity

7/8th Grade JV

2022 Champs

3rd Grade - Ft. Collins Outlaws

4th Grade Silver - Noco Grizzlies

4th Grade Gold - Tri City Elite

5th Grade Silver - Brighton Bulldogs

6th Grade Silver - Kersey Cougars

6th Grade Gold - JM Rough Riders

7th Middle School - Tri City Elite
8th Middle School - Loveland Warriors

2021 Gold Champs

noco football league champs

3rd Grade - LFC

4th Grade - Tri City LYAA

5th Grade - Noco Warriors LYAA

6th Grade - Tri City LYAA

7th Middle School - Noco Venom LYAA

8th Middle School - LFC

youth football league champions
noco football champions 6th grade

2021 Silver Champs

6th grade silver champs

4th Grade - Kersey Cougars

5th Grade - Eaton Reds

6th Grade - Johnstown / Milliken

2020 Champs

noco football champions 6th grade

3rd Grade - LFC

4th Grade - LFC

5th Grade - Tri City LYAA

6th Grade - Noco Venom LYAA

Middle School - Berthoud

Why Choose Us

Only The Best Is Good Enough

Quality is a large part of our process. Our youth deserve the best, wouldn't you agree!?

Plenty of Play

Sports, competition and team should always be fun. If its not fun why are we even bothering!?

People over Profit

We are here to help people and then operate a business. We like to keep it in that order.

Values are how we outwork our processes. We like to say, “the most important decisions we make must honor our values.”


Safety First

Our number one goal is provide a safe environment through education, systems and preventative measures.

Attitude is a Choice

We choose a positive attitude in winning and losing, success and failure. Attitude is a choice.

Commitment to Excellence

We go above and beyond to provide the best service, facilities and equipment possible. We do not cut corners.


We are presently aware, learning from the past and pressing toward the future to always keep momentum.


It takes no talent to hustle


Family is everything. Enough said...

We would love for you to get involved!

Coach, Referee, Managers, Game day!

We are always looking for good people to join our team. Volunteer positions and paid positions available. Contact us or Register today!


What people are saying!

Elite Youth Sports is fantastic!!! Our son played tackle and flag football this season and had an absolute blast! Elite Youth Sports was very organized and provided various communication platforms such as the Sports Engine App, Facebook, Website and Email. Elite Youth Sports not only cares about the kids by providing an encouraging environment and opportunity for all to play based on skill level but also cares about the feedback from parents. They are committed to continuous improvement and providing a great experience for the whole family. We highly recommend Elite Youth Sports!
Kaeli Bryant
Great organization! I look forward to getting my son involved - their values align with what we stand for as a family as well as local biz owners.
Danielle Bruce
Business Owner - Mom
Great product for all talent across the NOCO region! I not only am a Head Coach but also have kids who play flag and tackle in the league - there is no better program for character development, skill training and growth as athletes and young people. We love you!
Coach Poole
Head Coach - Dad
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